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Zoyler's Sticker Pack 1

Zoyler's Sticker Pack 1

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On this sticker pack you can find a huge variety into this cuties

This one cute Lucy is looking you with a cute expression, she's staring at you

She's wearing a suit with two bracelets who makes play with her choker and she's smiling at you, also she got a short top and two piercings in the left hear

The second a cute Bunny in a very sexy pose looking at you while she is moving her tail and you can se her paws moving too

The third hottest MewGirl who is wearing a seductive outfit while she is looking at you, she's wearing long socks and a very very small top ~ also a nice hat and piercing

At the last one in the pack this cute gote, she's is looking at you and wearing a sexy bikini, did you want her to join you?

Artwork by Zoyler

Sticker Type: Gloss Vinyl 6mil 

Ink type: Latex non-toxic ink with protective scratch resistant overcoat 

Size: 4 inch (10.16 cm)

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