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DimWitDog's Dressup Sun goddess

DimWitDog's Dressup Sun goddess

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So... are you here to make an offering? Praise the sun and bring busty blessings upon your home with this mini wolf goddess! 


Make a statement and show your devotion with this Mini Wolf Goddess from DimWitDog! There are multiple clothing options to dress up and honor the Sun Goddess, with each offering its own delightful appeal. Give your home a blessing of beauty, spice, and sexiness.


Standee dimensions: 6.75hx4.20w in inches

Standee type: Single sided magnetic dressup Standard standee with partial robe included and Deluxe complete edition with all addons

Optional dresses when ordering standard dressup: Half robe, 1 piece swimsuit, 2 piece swimsuit. 

A portion of the sales will go to the artist! Your Purchase supports the artist and myself! Limited Time Only Decided by the artist! Back will have a protective film that must be removed. Ship within 3-5 business days of purchase. Please note prices at checkout doesn't include VAT if you're in Europe or outside the USA. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that it may be subject to additional custom fees during shipping. Overseas shipping can take up to 3-4 months depending on your location.

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