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Atryl's Halloween Moon Princess and TimberJack

Atryl's Halloween Moon Princess and TimberJack

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Holloween is around the corner and what better way for your favorite moon princess to make things interesting is causing a full moon to exploit a certain orange pony's curse! Buy them separately or in a set as they can be placed next to each other! "As Halloween approaches, imagine the magic as your favorite Moon Princess conjures a shimmering full moon, revealing the curse of the mischievous orange Applelover! Both of these captivating characters are beautifully illustrated by atryl. You can have them separately or as a set, perfect for displaying side by side. They're just right for adding a touch of enchantment to your Halloween decor!

Standee dimensions:

timberjack: 6.7hx3.6w in inches. 

Moon Princess: 6.95hx5.6w in inches

Standee types: double sided standard

Standees will have a protective paper backing that needs to be peeled off. 

A portion of the sales will go to the artist! Your Purchase supports the artist and myself! Limited Time Only Decided by the artist! Back will have a protective film that must be removed Ship within 3-5 business days. Please note prices at checkout doesn't include VAT if you're in Europe. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that it may be subject to additional custom fees during shipping. Please note overseas shipping can take up to 1-2 months due to covid restrictions if you do not receive your item within 2 months and your tracking shows it has not been delivered please contact me and i will send you a new one or refund your purchase.

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