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Siroc's Yellow Digital Fox girl

Siroc's Yellow Digital Fox girl

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The original Yellow Digital Fox waifu is eager to join your lineup. Equipped with a massive pair of assets, she is sure to round out any standee collection. With an impressive bust size and digital capabilities, the Yellow Digital Fox girl is an exciting addition to your lineup. She is a must-have for any collector looking to enhance their standee collection!

Standee size: 6.9in tall

Standee types: Standard double sided same image with matte gloss finish

Deluxe Double sided same image with matte gloss finish and embossed gloss special effects ring. 

Standee will come with a back protective paper backing that can be peeled off!

Please be aware that VAT/Custom fees are not included in the price and that additional fees from your country's government may be incurred.

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