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Anna Rayka's Sticker Pack 2

Anna Rayka's Sticker Pack 2

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Renamon & Krystal Sticker Fusion: Where Two Beloved Furry Waifus Unite!

Do you like Krystal? Do you like Renamon? How about both?

Prepare to be mesmerized by the fusion of two beloved furry waifus in our Renamon & Krystal Sticker Pack! This collection celebrates the enchanting union of Renamon from Digimon and the charismatic Krystal from StarFox, creating the unresistable combo of beauty and charm!

You can select between saucy version (the intended version) and safe version, just in case you like to show off how much you love Krystal and Renamon! 

P.S, sticker pack includes Shark Week special Krystal and Renamon, and Krystal-Rena Sticker

illustrated by Anna Rayka!

Sticker type: Gloss Vinyl, Latex non-toxic ink with protective scratch resistant overcoat. 

Sticker size: 4 inches


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